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herbs and spices
We  offer an extensive catering service based on our customer’s requirements.
Whether it’s a team away-day, baby shower, private dinner or party, our team will work with you to create a tailored menu that’s just right for your event. 




  • VEG JEWELS [spiced potato and pea breadcrumb balls]  Allergens - Gluten / Lupin

  • PANEER TIKKA [chunks of paneer marinated in spices]  Allergen - Milk

  • CHILLI PANEER [chunks of paneer in a sweet and spicy chilli sauce]  Allergen - Milk

  • BHAJIYA / PAKORA [deep fried pieces of spiced potato and onion mixed with gram flour]  

  • ALOO TIKKI [spiced potato cutlet]

  • ALOO TIKKI CHAAT [spiced potato cutlet topped with curried chickpeas]

  • VEG SAMOSA [pastry containing spiced potato and peas]  Allergen - Lupin

  • GOBI MANCHURIAN [crispy cauliflower in a tangy sauce]  Allergen - Lupin


  • LAMB JEWELS [spiced minced lamb shaped balls]  Allergens - Gluten / Lupin

  • SHEEKH KEBAB [spiced lamb mince cooked on a skewer]  Allergen - Lupin

  • CHICKEN TIKKA [pieces of marinated chicken in spices]  Allergen - Milk

  • TANDOORI CHICKEN WINGS [chicken wings marinated in tandoori spices]

  • AMRITSARI FISH [white fish battered with gram flour and spices]  Allergens - Fish / Gluten

  • MEAT SAMOSA [pastry containing lamb mince and peas]  Allergen - Lupin

  • CHILLI CHICKEN [crispy chicken in a sweet and spicy chilli sauce]  Allergen - Gluten 



  • MIXED VEG [mixed vegetables cooked with delicate spices]

  • PALAK PANEER [paneer chunks cooked in curried pureed spinach]  Allergen - Milk

  • MATTAR PANEER [paneer and peas cooked in a spiced creamy curry]  Allergen - Milk

  • SHAHI PANEER [paneer cooked in a spiced tomato and butter sauce]  Allergen - Milk

  • PANEER BHURJI [scrambled Indian cheese sauteed in spices]  Allergen - Milk

  • SAAG [slow cooked spinach and spring green infused with delicate spices]  

  • METHI ALOO [tender cooked flavourful potatoes with fenugreek leaves]

  • ALOO GOBI [cauliflower and potatoes cooked with onion and spices]

  • ALOO BAINGAN [pan seared potato and eggplant curry]

  • BAINGAN BHARTA [curried minced grilled eggplant]

  • PUNJABI CHOLE [chickpea curry]

  • TADKA DAAL [slow cooked aromatic yellow lentils]

  • DAAL MAKHANI [black lentils slow cooked with rich creamy butter and spices]  Allergen - Milk


  • BUTTER CHICKEN [chicken in a spiced tomato and butter sauce]  Allergen - Milk

  • CHICKEN CURRY [chicken in a delicately spiced onion and tomato based sauced]

  • LAMB CURRY [boneless lamb pieces cooked in spices]

  • KEEMA CURRY [spiced Minced lamb and pea curry]

  • FISH CURRY [mildly spiced flavourful white fish curry]  Allergen - Fish

  • EGG BHURJI [scrambled eggs sauteed in spices]

  • MEATBALL CURRY [lamb meatballs cooked in a spiced onion and tomato sauce]

  • CHICKEN SAAG [chicken and spinach curry]

  • LAMB SAAG [lamb and spinach curry]



  • JEERA RICE [cumin spiced rice]


  • MATTER RICE [rice with peas]


  • RAITA [cucumber yoghurt]  Allergen - Milk

  • NAAN  Allergen - Gluten 

  • ROTI [chapati]  Allergen - Gluten

  • BHATURA [deep fried bread]  Allergen - Gluten

  • PURI [whole wheat fried bread]  Allergen - Gluten

  • MAKKI DI ROTI [maize flour bread]  Allergen - Milk

  • BOONDI RAITA [small deep fried gram flour balls                                          soaked in a spiced yoghurt]                                                                   Allergen - Milk


  • CHICKEN [spiced chicken tikka with onion and peppers]  Allergen - Gluten

  • LAMB [spiced sheekh kebab with onion and peppers]  Allergen - Gluten

  • PANEER [spiced paneer tikka with onion and peppers]  Allergen - Gluten                                                                                                                                                                                                


  • GULAB JAMMAN [deep fried milk balls soaked in a sugar syrup]  Allergen - Milk

  • RASMALI [round shaped milk cakes soaked in a milk and saffron sauce]  Allergen - Milk

  • GAJAR KA HALWA [carrot based sweet dessert infused with cardamon]  Allergen - Nuts

  • APPLE AND CINNAMON PARCELS [pastry filled with apple and cinnamon]  Allergen - Lupin

  • ICE CREAM [various flavours]  Allergen - Milk

How to place your Catering order

To order some authentic Punjabi Indian food for your event, please follow the below steps:

1) Select some dishes from our menu above that you are interested in (we recommend 2-3 dishes).

2) Contact us via email, phone or use the
Contact Us option specifying your event details
     (date, venue, time, head count and desired dishes).

3) We will work with you to tailor a menu to suit your event requirements. 

4) Sit back and wait for your Ruby Jewel experience.
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